The Love of Cooperation!

We love cooperations and innovations!

We unite what belongs together. We put cooperations into practice - with success!


Reach and Products
We unite reach and products, since products can only be sold if they attract the attention of potential purchasers. We place them in the appropriate range, but we also offer matching products to already existing ones.


Content and Portals
We provide contents with suitable content and content providers with appropriate portals - always on the condition that both sides reap financial and other benefits in the long run. The Active Response functions as both communicator and connector between between these market players and can supply them with the technical structures up to the billing units.


Clients and Companies
Every company requires new clients - we provide them via the online channel. Having started that practice in 2009, our work has already resulted in numerous long-term cooperations between different market players.

Since 2009, the Active Response has operated in the area of active cooperation management. Having its seeds in the classic placement of advertisements on suitable websites of wide reach, this company has developed profound expertise in the selection and analysis of cooperation partners and their demands, thus having become an ideal connector between different market players.

Years of market experience have led to the creation of PAREBA, an affiliate software for the administration of cooperation partners which is actively employed by the Active Response itself. Since 2016, PAREBA is offered as SAAS solution to third companies.

Besides, the Active Response has an extensive network of contacts in the media world, industry and trade at its disposal and is, consequently, in the ideal position to establish and maintain extensive cooperations for companies.

A small selection of market players for whom we were allowed to work:
PSW | Saxoprint | Volkswagen | Delticom | Fiat | Mazda | Wine & Gourmet | Trinkkiste | Wir kaufen dein Auto | CoolSpot | DocMorris | | Vaterbier | Polyment | Ergo Versicherung | Villeroy & Boch | Zooroyal | Zaun24 | | MyParfuem | WWF | und viele viele weitere...